Lush moves European production to Germany following Brexit

Lush moves European production to Germany following Brexit

British cosmetics group Lush is moving its European production to Germany because of the result of the British EU membership referendum.

Employee insecurity

Lush already had plans to increase the production capabilities of its German factory in Düsseldorf, but the insecurity surrounding the British EU membership have forced Lush to speed up those plans. Plenty of other retailers remain watchful of what the fallout will be of United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union, but Lush is not standing by idly.


Currently, the company has about 1,400 employees with 38 different nationalities in its British factory in Poole. Every one of those employees faced uncertainty about their job, but Lush has now cleared the air about its intentions.


The German factory currently has 252 employees and only services Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands and France for the time being.