Equivalenza wants 50 stores in Belgium and the Netherlands

Equivalenza wants 50 stores in Belgium and the Netherlands

Spanish perfume formula Equivalenza quickly wants to expand its number of Belgian and Dutch stores: the chain will open 50 stores as soon as possible.

Ideal markets

Equivalenza currently has seven stores in the Benelux: Ghent, Courtrai, Mechelen and Wavre in Belgium, and Renesse, Den Bosch and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. "Belgium and the Netherlands are ideal markets for us", Anthony Juan (Area manager for Belgium and the Netherlands) said. "The consumer is curious and loves to discover new formulas and an Equivalenza store is an experience, while the customer will realize its pricing is far below that of the A brands."


The Spanish chain specializes in classifying perfumes in scent groups, with a product range of more than 100 perfumes for women and 50 for men. Based on flavour, character and personality, the chain decides the customer's scent group, which then allows him or her to experiment with all the scents within this group and its subgroups.


All items are created by a team of perfumers, but the chain also offers several additional products like scent gifts, perfumes for in your home and scented candles. It also has a biological skin care collection, based on aloe vera and Bulgarian Rose.


Equivalenza is a Spanish franchise chain launched in 2011. It already has more than 850 stores in 32 countries and has won several international franchise awards because of its rapid expansion: it finished second in the competition for Best Franchise of the world 2 years ago and has won Spain's "Best Franchise of Spain" award twice in a row.