Ecover will update its entire product range

Ecover will update its entire product range

Belgian ecological laundry and cleaning detergent manufacturer, Ecover, will alter its entire product range’s packaging. Laundry detergent will alter first and the entire operation should be finalized within two years.


Rebellious image

Ecover says it wants to return to its “rebellious image” from when it was founded. The bottle will be 100 % recycled material, where it previously only consisted of 25 % recycled material. “We have continued our growth throughout the years and we have made several choices”, ‘long term innovation manager’ Tom Domen told Made in Kempen. “We asked ourselves a while back whether we hadn’t moved away from our roots too much. At first, we were considered rebellious and that image faded somewhat recently and it is that image we want to bring back.”


Following the laundry detergent, it will tackle Ecover’s entire product range in the next two years. The bottles’ content will not change, only the packaging.


American SC Johnson, which owns brands like Baygon, Brise, WC Eend, Oust, Kiwi, Pledge and Shout, acquired Ecover in September 2017.