Volkswagen cuts 30,000 jobs

Volkswagen cuts 30,000 jobs

German car manufacturer Volkswagen will cut 30,000 of its 610,000 jobs in order to save up to 3.7 billion euro per year. Germany is hit the hardest, with 23,000 jobs cut, although the company will not force anyone to leave.

Belgian labour unions not worried

The 30,000 jobs will disappear over the next 4 years and result in an annual 3.7 billion euro benefit by 2020. On the other hand, the company did promise to create an additional 9,000 jobs as it invests in the development of electric cars.


No information has been revealed about the remaining 7,000 jobs that will be cut outside of Germany. However, the labour unions at the Belgian Audi factory in Vorst are not worried: they maintain that the plant will need every employee to create its new electric model.


The cost-cutting measures are still part of the fallout from Dieselgate, a scandal which will cost the car manufacturer a hefty sum. The repair costs and fines have already added up to 18.2 billion euro and the end may not yet be in sight.