Toyota speeds past Volkswagen

Toyota speeds past Volkswagen

In the first 9 months of its fiscal year, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota sold more cars than its major competitor, Volkswagen: nearly 7.5 million cars since the start of this year.

Back on top

With 7.498 million cars sold, Toyota's sales dropped 15 % compared to last year, but nevertheless, it managed to outsell Volkswagen. In the same time frame, Volkswagen sold 7.43 million cars. The German company managed to outsell its competitor in the first half of the year, but Toyota has now succeeded to overtake Volkswagen once more, taking the top spot. With the scandal at Volkswagen in mind, it does not seem Toyota will relinquish its first spot anytime soon.


Just like Volkswagen, Toyota may be forced to call back plenty of cars soon: one of its parts, present in 6.5 million cars worldwide, may overheat and catch fire. It would not be the first time Toyota was forced to call back cars, after previous problems with the airbag.