Tesla Model S sales shift up several gears

Tesla Model S sales shift up several gears

Orders for Tesla's Model S have shot up tremendously in the second quarter as the car manufacturer experienced a 52 % increase in sales, even more than it had expected.

Head start on the competitors

Tesla sold 11,507 Model S cars in the past three months, while it had predicted somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000. This goes to show that Tesla is easily outperforming other electric cars, who are struggling in a market with low gas prices.


Tesla's Model S has several other major advantages: it can travel much farther with a single charge, can seat 7 people and has the power of a sports car. The company is also adding new functionalities through software updates, another area where it is miles ahead of the competition.


It will also launch an SUV-type Model X in September, which has already several thousand orders, a number that should spike even more in the last quarter of 2015.