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New Dacia milestone: 3.5 million cars sold

New Dacia milestone: 3.5 million cars sold

Renault's budget car brand, Dacia, has reached an historic milestone: the Romanian brand just sold its 3.5 millionth car since its relaunch in 2004.

Belgium and the Netherlands buck the trend

Some 10 years after Dacia was reborn as part of the Renault group and some 2 years after the car manufacturer updated its entire product range, the Romanian budget brand reached the 3.5 million cars milestone. The milestone car, a Sandero Stepway, was bought by a young woman in British Mill Lane, a London suburb. The brand has only been active in Great Britain for 2 years now.


The milestone was reached sooner than expected and can mostly be attributed to the brand's increased sales speed in Europe. Over the past 6 months, Dacia sold 290,024 cars, up more than 10 % compared to the same time frame in 2014. It even managed to set sales records in 19 of the 44 countries where it is available over the past 6 months.


According to car federation Febiac's Belgian registration numbers, Dacia sold 13,867 cars in 2015 so far, although that is a drop compared to last year (when the Logan MCV was launched) by some 828 cars. These numbers equate to a 3.21 % market share and a 15th spot overall in Belgium.


Dutch sales are also slightly lower than last year's: over the past 10 months, 3,637 Dacia's were sold, which is a 0.9 % market share. By comparison: Dacia places fifth in France, its second home, with a 5.3 % market share.

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