Mercedes started selling cars on the internet

Mercedes started selling cars on the internet

German luxury car manufacturer Daimler is offering a new service: customers can now purchase their new Mercedes online. The move aims to attract more young people.

Trying not to cross dealerships

Starting today, German Mercedes customers can order one of four fixed models online: an A Class, a B Class, a CLA and a CLS type, at prices are identical to those in dealerships. The move is similar to what BMW, Mercedes’ largest competitor, has done, selling its electric i3 through the internet.


Mercedes has done all it can to avoid crossing the dealerships: cars bought online are still delivered through the dealerships, even though Daimler intends to increase its visibility in German inner cities through pop-up stores.


Daimler’s plans fit the strategy to become Germany’s number one brand once again by 2020, surpassing Audi and BMW. For 2013, Daimler expects to sell 1.4 million cars, while it hopes to get 1.6 million in 2015. The company emphasizes that the online sale is a pilot project and it has not been determined how long the test will last.




(Translated by Gary Peeters)