McDonald's replaces Burger King on German highways

McDonald's replaces Burger King on German highways

Before the end of the year, McDonald's will have opened its very first restaurants on the German highways. To this end, it has struck a deal with Tank&Rast to become the exclusive fast food brand along these "Autobahnen".

McDonald's pries away Burger King locations

American fast food chain McDonald's wants to open at 100 Tank&Rast locations in the next 5 years, a process that will coincide with Burger King's last contracts with Tank&Rast. The latter had 90 restaurants at its partner's highway locations, but will see its number of German restaurants dwindle down to some 700 locations once all of its contracts are over.


Currently there are 12 McDonald's along the German highways and 55 on main roads, but the company will now expand its operations thanks to the collaboration with Tank&Rast GmbH. The chain was on the lookout for "high traffic locations", places where plenty of commuters come, like train stations, airfields and gas stations.