General Motors going for e-commerce

General Motors going for e-commerce

American car manufacturer General Motors is going for e-commerce, following BMW’s and Daimler’s example. It has not yet gone large-scale with the system, but hopes to expand it if it proves to be successful.

Combining online and local service

The new system is called Shop-Click-Drive and combines the ease of online shopping with the service of a local dealership, according to producer of the Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. Customers can see online which cars are available at a dealership and can ask questions directly if they want to. If they are interested in a specific car, they can draw up an offer with one click.


Using the payment calculator, a customer can assemble a car, choosing the options and accessories he desires. Happy with the summary, he can then print and sign the deal. The car will then be delivered to his doorstep, with a final test run giving the customer a chance to try the car before deciding to buy it. Only a handful of dealerships currently have the system up and going so far, most of which are in Michigan.


GM is not the only car manufacturer heading for e-commerce, as BMW is selling its all-electric i3 online and Mercedes’s parent company Daimler will offer a limited set of cars online in the near future. Not every dealership is happy with this specific evolution, fearing the loss of clientele and turnover.