Electric car sales up 20 %

Electric car sales up 20 %

European electric car sales have grown 20 % in the third quarter, compared to the year before. Almost three times as many electric cars were sold in Belgium this past quarter, while there was a sales decline in the Netherlands.

Belgium is fastest grower

More than 35,000 electric cars were sold across the European Union in the third quarter, which is a 20.2 % increase compared to the year before. Belgium experienced the largest growth, as it sold 162 % more cars (from 812 to 2,125). The incredible growth increase is definitely thanks to the bonuses the government hands out to Belgians buying electric cars. 


More electric cars were sold in the Netherlands (3,368), but that is a slum compared to last year (- 48 %). Altered legislation had an opposite effect to what is happening in Belgium, because it is now less advantageous to buy an electric car in the Netherlands than it was last year.


Greece experienced the largest decline with only 8 electric cars sold in the third quarter. That is down 70 %, probably because of the economic turmoil the country is in.