Dieselgate already cost Volkswagen 13 billion euro

Dieselgate already cost Volkswagen 13 billion euro

German Volkswagen already had to spend 15 billion dollars (13.3 billion euro) in the United States as fallout of the dieselgate scandal. The number is much higher than previously anticipated, with the rest of the world still to come. 

Buy back cars

Originally, a 10 billion dollar settlement was mentioned, but Bloomberg believes the final sum is about 50 % higher. The majority goes to the 482,000 owners whose cars had the cheating software: Volkswagen has to buy those cars back and has to pay damages on top of that. If owners so desire, they can choose to get their car fixed instead of selling it back to Volkswagen.


That settlement will cost Volkswagen about 10 billion dollars (9 billion euro), but it also has to pay a 2.7 billion dollar (2.4 billion euro) fine and it will also invest around 1.8 billion euro into clean air technology. Finally, Volkswagen also has to pay several American states about 360 million euro in total.


Volkswagen refused to confirm the amounts mentioned by Bloomberg, while an American court still has to rule on the settlement itself.