BMW wants to start selling all models online

BMW wants to start selling all models online

German car manufacturer BMW wants to start selling all of its models online in the long run. The idea is to have salespeople visit potential customers in their homes, but the plan is on hold as BMW is meeting resistance from within its own ranks.

Mass closure of sales outlets

In the long term the manufacturer only wants to have sales teams in big cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, but this would mean closing or selling more than forty small outlets.


The entire operation would be part of a cost savings operation within the company, which explains the unrest the plans provoke with the internal sales teams.


At first BMW was only planning on selling a new electric car, the i3, online. The new model goes on sale at the end of July, but BMW now plans on casting a wider net.


The manufacturer is no stranger to internet sales, as it has its own online shop for parts and accessories and even has its own webshop to sell parts on eBay.