Audi creates carbon-neutral diesel fuel from water

Audi creates carbon-neutral diesel fuel from water

German car manufacturer Audi says it has developed the fuel of the future, after creating a first batch of "e-diesel" - distilled from water, CO2 and green energy - in a Dresden factory.

Smaller environmental impact

In the first phase, clean energy is generated from solar panels, wind energy and water power, which is then used to heat water into steam, reaching temperatures of more than 800° C. Once that has been done, the steam is split into oxygen and hydrogen and the latter gets mixed with CO2 under high pressure. That combination can then be refined into e-diesel


It is not a new process, but Audi says it has now created a completely carbon-neutral way to do this, with a minimal environmental impact. In the upcoming months, Audi hopes to produce more than 3,000 liters of its new e-diesel.


Audi, which has an e-gas producing plant, has been working on developing carbon-neutral fuels since 2009.