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Facebook launches its Marketplace in Europe

Facebook launches its Marketplace in Europe

In October 2016, Facebook launched a marketplace for used items in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. That marketplace is now also coming to Belgium, the Netherlands and fifteen other European countries.

Simplify connection

Facebook users can sell all types of items on the Marketplace and others can place bids. However, the marketplace will not be available on the regular Facebook site, but only on its mobile app. Payments are not handled by Facebook, but have to pass through other channels. Facebook will also not handle shipping.


Facebook’s goal is to use its enormous userbase to tap into the highly interesting used products market. Messenger is also an easy way to connect several parties. “We simplify the connection between the buyer and the seller and give them room to handle the transaction the way they see fit”, Facebook previously said about Marketplace. According to Facebook, there are already 450 million users that buy and sell items through groups on a monthly basis. 

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