Amazon wants to compete with Ticketmaster

Amazon wants to compete with Ticketmaster

Amazon is in talks with American event location owners to see whether it could sell tickets for their events on its web shop.

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This would put it in direct competition with Ticketmaster, which currently dominates the American ticket market. Many customers are annoyed with the additional costs Ticketmaster and other companies charge, but Amazon’s size could help limit those costs.


Amazon can of course add other advantages to a ticket sale: artists and sporting teams who sell their merchandise on Amazon could provide discounts when a customer also buys a ticket for a concert or game. Amazon Prime subscribers could also get benefits when ordering a ticket, like a pre-sale or designated seats.


Allegedly, Amazon tried to join forces with Ticketmaster itself, but those talks are in a rut, according to insiders. The American online giant is also talking to sporting organizations to set up a marketplace to sell entry tickets.


Ticket sales in the UK already

It won’t be the first time Amazon focuses on ticket sales, because it has been selling West End tickets in the United Kingdom since 2015. For some events, it even outperforms Ticketmaster’s sales. Contrary to the situation in the United States, event locations in the United Kingdom do not often sell their tickets exclusively on one particular ticket platform.

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