Keatz's invisible restaurants, which don't have chairs or tables, have managed to get hold of a 12 million euro investment. The restaurants will soon be available near you – even though you won't see them.

Aldi Local store in London

In London, Aldi Süd has opened a compact store under the moniker Aldi Local. With this new formula, the discounter is moving into the field of convenience stores. Aldi is also trying out urban concepts elsewhere.

Carrefour's first urban pickup point in Belgium is in the heart of the European quarter. The concept offers downtown customers the range and the prices of a hypermarket, including the promotions.

Essentiel Antwerp opens first London store

Essentiel Antwerp is continuing its international expansion. The Belgian fashion label has had a strong year and recently opened its first store in London.

A road sign with different ways to a Brexit

The extension of the Brexit deadline is - finally - some good news for European retailers, branch organisation EuroCommerce says. However, it also has a major drawback.

First Stradivarius outlet in Belgium

Spanish apparel chain Stradivarius, a division of the Inditex fashion concern, will be opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Belgium.

Lush will no longer be using eggs

Cosmetics brand Lush will no longer be using eggs in the production of facial masks and hair care products. The way eggs are produced causes too much animal suffering according to the company.

Colruyt gets rid of paper price tags

Colruyt will start using electronic price tags in all of its stores. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also help save on expenses.

American jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss has made a comeback on Wall Street after 34 years. And it has done so with success: the initial price of 17 dollars was already higher than what the merchant banks were aiming for, and it immediately made a sharp increase of more than 30%.

British DIY chain Kingfisher will be closing 34 outlets over the next two years, including eleven in France. The group is also looking for a new CEO to succeed Véronique Laury, who will be stepping down.

Shopping is now possible on Instagram: pictures of brand products are now 'shoppable', allowing you to buy the items and pay through the Instagram app. Users can seamlessly shop in their own environment, featuring nothing but their favourite brands.

Will WeChat creator Tencent become Kruidvat's co-owner? The Chinese tech company is considering taking an interest in A.S. Watson, the group behind the drugstore chain. Tencent's rival Alibaba is also interested.

Koen de Jong, IPLC

Large mainstream retailers can’t find an adequate answer to the power of hard discounters, multinationals see the value of their brands decrease: private label is causing a true revolution, says expert Koen de Jong of IPLC.

Action blijft fors groeien

Dutch non-food discounter Action has achieved a 23 % sales growth last year, ending the year at 4.21 billion euros in sales. However, that was mostly done through opening new stores: comparable growth was 'only' 3.2 %.

Een CoolCat winkel in Den Haag

Dutch fashion chain CoolCat is filing for bankruptcy: its eighty Dutch stores and their 1,100 jobs are in jeopardy after the hot summer and warm winter pushed down sales. Stores in Belgium, France and Luxembourg are not involved in the bankruptcy.

Unilever's climate ambitions

Multinationals are facing major environmental challenges, due to the carbon dioxide they emit themselves and due to the impact they have throughout the entire manufacturing chain. According to Sophie Souied, CEO of Unilever Belux, companies that fail to deliver on sustainability are doomed to disappear.

Deliveroo opent volautomatisch restuarant in Singapore

Even a modern, disruptive company like Deliveroo has to find new sources of revenue: the meal delivery company has opened a high-tech restaurant in Singapore that lets people order meals from seven operators, and features a little Belgian gem as well.

Europeans spent 2.3 % more for everyday groceries in the final quarter of 2018 than in that of 2017. In the third quarter, growth was still + 3.8 %. Discounters are also experiencing a slowdown.

Zalando's main office in Berlin

German fashion web shop Zalando will be integrating its private labels into the rest of the platform. The idea is for these labels to compete less with external brands. For that reason, the separate private label division will be terminated, which may result in jobs being cut.

Herstructurering Greenyard kost 422 banen

Belgian Greenyard, which processes fruit and vegetables, has announced a major transformation plan in order to lower its debts. The company has announced to sell its factory in Hungary, divest its Prepared division and cut up to 422 jobs, mostly in the United Kingdom and Germany.