New Head & Shoulders bottle made of washed up plastic

Procter & Gamble will manufacture a new Head & Shoulders bottle, partially made from washed-up plastic. The bottle will also be fully recyclable.

Unilever acquires hair care brand Living Proof

Unilever has reached a deal to acquire Living Proof, a hair care product manufacturer, for an undisclosed fee. It is mostly known for its biomedical research into hair problems.

Henkel will invest heavily in its top brands

Henkel is set to invest more in its ten biggest brands, because its by new CEO Hans van Bylen,wants these to contribute more turnover in the future.

European ban on animal testing for cosmetics upheld

The European Court of Justice has decided there will be no exceptions to the ban on animal testing for cosmetics after the Federation of Cosmetics Ingredients took the case to court.

Unilever acquires ecological laundry detergent manufacturer

Unilever is set to acquire Seventh Generation, a company focused mainly on ecological cleaning agents, for about 700 million dollars (625 million euro).

Lush moves European production to Germany following Brexit

British cosmetics group Lush is moving its European production to Germany because of the result of the British EU membership referendum.

Henkel increases full-year profit forecast

In the past quarter, German Henkel - manufacturer of brands like Schwarzkopf, Persil and Pritt - sold more, although the negative impact of the exchange rates meant turnover ended up lower than last year. Luckily for Henkel, profit did increase.

Turnover drop and profit growth for Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble's fourth quarter turnover was lower than last year's fourth quarter, mainly because of negative exchange rate fluctuations and its divestment from Venezuela.

Sephora looks to Tinder for ad campaign inspiration

Make-up brand Sephora looked to dating app Tinder for its new ad campaign, with customers swiping left and right to browse the brand's different looks.

Unilever buys Dollar Shave Club

Unilever has acquired American start-up Dollar Shave Club, which has a subscription-based business model for shaving and toilet products. No fee was disclosed, but sources indicate it may be some 900 million euro.

Ontex bids for Brazilian diaper manufacturer

Brazilian media claim Belgian Ontex has tabled a bid for Brazilian pharmaceutical company Hypermarcas' diaper division. The company from Eastern Flanders also acquired Mexican Grupo Mabe last year.

Cosmetics brands need to become more sustainable

The cosmetics industry is struggling with its sustainability efforts: out of thirty examined brands, 22 fail to surpass a score of 30 % according to a Rank a Brand study. Only five get more than 50 %.

The Body Shop decreases uses of environmentally harmful packaging

The Body Shop launched a worldwide initiative to drastically lower the use of plastic packaging based on fossil fuels by 2020.

Birchbox dials down its expansion plans

Birchbox, a start-up with a subscription service for beauty products, puts its expansion plans on hold as it faces a lack of funds and competition from other companies.

L’Oréal sponsors Snapchat filter

French cosmetics firm L'Oréal has sponsored a filter on social media app Snapchat. The filter gives users a chance to apply Infallible Silkissime eyeliner on their own pictures.

5 million euro fine for Ontex

The Spanish Bureau of Competition has ruled that Belgian diaper manufacturer Ontex has to pay a 5.15 million euro fine for several breaches of the Spanish and European competition laws. Ontex will appeal the decision.

Unilever, Henkel and L’Oréal compete over shampoo company

Unilever, Henkel and L’Oréal have all tabled a bid for shampoo manufacturer Vogue International, valued by some sources at 2.5 to 3 billion dollars (2.2 to 2.7 billion euro).

Emerging markets spur on Henkel's quarterly profit

Henkel's first quarter profit and turnover both grew. The German manufacturer - which owns Persil, Schwarzkopf shampoo and Pattex glue among other things - took full advantage of the growing demand in several emerging markets.

Exchange rates hinder Beiersdorf's turnover

Turnover for German group Beiersdorf, parent company for Nivea among other brands, has dropped nearly 2 % in the first quarter. The company points to exchange rate fluctuations, which had a sizeable negative effect.

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