German online retailer Zalando has published its definitive first quarter results, showing that first quarter turnover grew nearly 25 % - below the pace of 2015.

German Metro Group had to allow a 1 % turnover drop in its second quarter, because of its international activities. The German market provided the company with a turnover boost, but that was too small to compensate fully.

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The German cartel office Bundeskartellamt has fined several supermarket chains for their share in a price fixing scheme. Edeka, Metro and Netto all kept the prices of several beers artificially high, while AB InBev is also mentioned in the investigation.

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American Apple has made a remarkable move, selling its iPhone 5S on discounter Lidl's German web shop.

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German food group Lekkerland has seen its European turnover grow 4.2 % last year, to 12.484 billion euro.

Turnover for German group Beiersdorf, parent company for Nivea among other brands, has dropped nearly 2 % in the first quarter. The company points to exchange rate fluctuations, which had a sizeable negative effect.

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Schwarz Group invested five billion euro in 2015, which is a record for the company owning discounter Lidl and Kaufland. The majority of the funds went towards new store openings and an update for the current store network.

German furniture web shop Home24 plans to open its first physical outlet store in Berlin on 23 April. It will use the novelty to sell furniture it can no longer sell online, like items with small flaws.

A gift shop retailer in the German city of Essen is so sick and tired of customers only browsing his items that he has decided to charge a 2 euro entry fee to anyone who enters the store.

The Hamm Reno Group, one of Germany and Europe's largest shoe groups, has been sold to a group of investors. Capiton, backed by Turkish Ziylan Group, will obtain the majority of shares.

German Metro Group has decided to split into a Wholesale & Food Specialist group and a Consumer Electronics group by mid-2017. The aim is to speed up the decision-making process, leading to more flexible and efficient companies.

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The 30 largest German supermarket groups managed a 2.5 % turnover increase in 2015 (243.99 billion euro). Edeka is still number one, but Aldi (+ 1.5 % in 2015) jumps from 5th to 4th, surpassing Metro.

German car manufacturer BMW is planning its very own European version of taxi company Uber, according to interview statements made by board member Peter Schwarzenbauer.

Hudson’s Bay has plans to invest 1 billion euro in department store chain Galeria Kaufhof in the next five to seven years, according to CEO Jerry Storch's statements in German business paper Handelsblatt.

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Aldi Süd has added an increasing number of name brands to its product range. After it had introduced Lenor, Coca-Cola and Leerdammer (among others), it will now add Wagner Pizza, Head & Shoulders and Pampers.

Online optician Mister Spex opened its very first physical store in the German capital of Berlin. It already has a presence with 500 partner stores, but this is its very first store of its own.

Henkel's turnover and profit in 2015 grew markedly, partially because of its strong performance in the emerging markets. The German consumer goods giant targets another turnover increase this year.

Leapp, which sells refurbished Apple products, aims to open another 4 stores in the current quarter and a whole range of additional stores later this year. This will continue the offline expansion at a rapid pace for a company that started as an online retailer.

Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda wants to expand a lot, thanks to a show during New York Fashion Week. It hopes this will help double the company's profit and turnover within the next three years.

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