Retail report

Do Belgian retailers have any chance of survival?

“Switch or die” is the message that rings increasingly clearer through retail land. Its next victim is cash & carry chain Makro, which has to thoroughly reorganize its Belgian operations to spark new commercial impulses. Some doubt whether the Belgian retail sector still has any chances of survival at all, but I think the future is not that bleak.

Bengal dramas induce more transparency and cooperation

Three weeks after the collapse of an eight-storey clothing factory in Bangladesh cost the lives of – for now – more than 1,200 textile workers, thirty major fashion retailers have signed a charter that should actively improve security in Bengal factories. “A worldwide breakthrough in textile retail”, say the founders of the project. Because of the drama questions are also being asked of working conditions in a broader perspective.

Tesco takes drastic measures and makes big loss

British retail giant Tesco is taking drastic measures. Next to the existing recovery plan ‘building a better Tesco’, the multinational is making big write-offs on real estate and goodwill. This will cause profits before taxes to be halved when compared to the previous year. If the overall costs of the departure from the United States are also brought into the calculations, almost all of the annual profit will have disappeared.

“Danger of showrooming is exaggerated”, says American research

93.6% of all American smartphone owners use their mobile in the shop, but most of the time this is not to compare prices at other stores. They do go to the website of the shop they are in: the danger of the smartphone for shopkeepers is exaggerated, say researchers of trade magazine JiWire after quite a small survey.

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