Irish retailers expect €250 million bonus from Euro 2012

In Ireland, not only football fanatics look forward to Euro 2012, but retailers do as well. The mere participation of the Boys in green to the championships would result in a 250 million euro bonus for the Irish retail sector – even excluding the revenues from pubs.

Many expect over 30% increase

Over half of the Irish retailers (55%) think their sales will increase during the summer, and 30% among them think this increase will be one of 30% or more. Televisions, sportswear and takeout food are thought to be the best selling items.


A nice side-effect for the long summer full of sports will be that many bored people will be trying to be out of home as much as possible. As there will be sports on TV almost every day for over three months, shopping centres will be very willing to welcome Irish women for some 'retail therapy'.


Euro 2012 more important than London Olympics

Irish retailers specifically point to Euro 2012 as the reason for their positive expectations: the tournament in Poland and the Ukraine scored best in the list of “most significant sports tournaments for increasing retail sales activity”. The European Rugby Cup, Rugby World Cup and FIFA World Cup also score very high – but surprisingly – the Olympic Games carry the wooden spoon in this division.


The slightly optimistic question “What if Ireland reaches the final” resulted in an expected extra 18 million euro on top of the 250 million. While the scenario is highly unlikely, surprises – even big ones like this – are never to be fully excluded...


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