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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 17:55

Zeeman stunt shocks Amsterdam Fashion Week

Zeeman, a Dutch chain of cheap clothing, has tricked the entire Dutch fashion world into believing that its latest collection was one of a new luxury brand.


Putting real meaning into its slogan “looking good does not have to be expensive”, Zeeman had prepared an entire fashion show with its own models and an up-market presentation, dedicated to “the new luxury brand Frank”. 


While the specialised communication attracted many people hoping to see “the new Dries Van Nooten”, nobody realised that the collection was actually Zeeman's. During the collection too, there were no doubts about the origin of the new brand. It was only at the end of the show that the last dress, and afterwards the video walls on the background, revealed the Zeeman logo. 


Unanimous agreement was that the stunt had been successful. Frank's (or Zeeman's) collection will be sold on the latter's web shop. 


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Friday, 05 August 2011 16:01

Zeeman’s Frank doing well

Fashion label Frank, invented by discount clothing chain Zeeman to fool visitors of the upmarked Amsterdam Fashion Week, is doing well. In the first days after the presentation a few thousand items a day shipped from the web shop that exclusively sells the Frank label. Now the hype is over, about a hundred items a day are being sold, Jacques van der Bom of Zeeman has told Twinkle Magazine.


Zeeman scored great publicity by presenting its Frank-collection during the Amsterdam Fashion Week, only later announcing its own involvement. Zeeman wanted to show that great fashion does not have to come at a ridiculous price.


A number of the items shown at the Amsterdam Fashion Week are already sold out.


Cheap textiles chain Zeeman is promoting an online course on how to destroy your own jeans taking a swipe at expensive designer jeans. Through a special website consumers get tips on how to rip, bleach and put holes in a pair of cheap jeans to make it look like the pairs that are priced at up to 200 euros in stores.

The promotion is the second dig by Zeeman at expensive fashion brands. The chain scored a lot of free publicity a couple of weeks ago by entering the Amsterdam Fashion Week with several designs, only later revealing Zeeman was behind it. Zeeman is one of the largest chains for cheap fashion in The Netherlands.

Visit the special website >>>

Friday, 16 September 2011 16:59

Zeeman presents Bas for Zeeman

 Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Bas Kosters will launch his collection for textiles chain Zeeman on Monday. The collection of body fashion will be available at all two hundred Zeeman stores across The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany with prices starting from 2,99 euros.

The collection has been inspired by 1970s American sportswear and tattoos as worn by sailors. Bas Kosters is happy to reach a wide audience with his designs. Zeeman has been very active lately, including a stunt during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and presenting a manual teaching consumers to destroy their own jeans to make them look fashionable.

De Nederlandse retailketens Hema en Zeeman zouden hun aanwezigheid op de Franse markt willen uitbreiden. Dat meldt de Franse vakwebsite voor detailhandel AC-franchise. De website geeft echter geen bronnen voor haar berichtgeving. Ook wordt er niemand van beide ketens geciteerd.

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 10:57

Zeeman adds returnable deposit to plastic bags

Zeeman will charge Dutch customers one euro returnable deposit for a plastic bag. Flanders will get a similar system later this year.

German textile discounter Kik Textilien will take Wibra and Zeeman head on with its sixth store, in Amsterdam.




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