"British retailers have brought their issues on themselves"

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Discounters Aldi and Lidl have definitely pressurized the four largest British retailers, but the latter have brought many of their own issues on themselves. The availability of convenience stores have turned the shopper into an unfaithful "cherry picker".

Delhaize Belgium's quarterly profit halved

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Delhaize Belgium's restructuring has pushed operational quarterly profit 51.3 % lower, but there is also good news as last year's loss (for the whole group) is turned into a profit once again and there is a deal with Aldi to sell Bottom Dollar Food.

Turkish company acquires Delacre and Verkade

  • Published in Food

Turkish Yildiz Holding has acquired the British cookie company United Biscuits, which also owns Belgian Delacre and Dutch Verkade. Yildiz Holding is also the owner of Belgian premium chocolate maker Godiva.

Starbucks to deliver coffee

  • Published in Food

American coffee chain Starbucks wants to deliver coffee in the United States, starting next year. Strong online growth has motivated Starbucks to make this move, but that same online growth has also slowed down the overall growth at Starbucks.

Nestlé hires robotic salespeople

  • Published in Food

Swiss Nestlé will employ 1,000 robots to sell its Nescafé coffee machines in Japan. The first batch of 20 robots will start working this year and by the end of next year, all 1,000 will be fully operational.

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