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04 April 2014 |

M&S talks to new Dutch partners

British chain Marks & Spencer thinks it can open more food-only stores in the Netherlands and has been talking to several possible partners.

03 April 2014 |

Boudewijn van den Brand is Lidl Belgium's new CEO

Boudewijn van den Brand will become Lidl Belgium's new CEO. The current sales director will succeed Jesper Højer, who will move to Lidl's international board on 1 May.

02 April 2014 |

Lidl brings city concept to Antwerp

Lidl will open a new store in the centre of Antwerp, near the Central Station, with a slightly new concept focused on inner-city environments. The new concept will focus on fresh products, like fruit, vegetables, fruit and freshly-baked bread.

02 April 2014 |

PLUS wants to become "even greener in 2014"

Supermarket chain PLUS wants to become the "most sustainable store in the Netherlands" with increased attention in 2014 for its vegetables, fruit and potatoes.

02 April 2014 |

Willem&Drees expands to complete Dutch territory

Willem&Drees, a concept that distributes local fruits and vegetables to supermarkets, will be available in the entire Dutch region by the end of the year. Currently, Willem&Drees distributes fruits and vegetables to some 200 supermarkets in 8 provinces, but it will expand soon.

01 April 2014 |

Prik & Tik joins forces with Cobeli

Prik & Tik will merge with Cobeli to form Prik & Tik, with a joint turnover of 130 million euro. Together, they are able to service the market better, with their own chain of stores and a catering presence. By joining forces, the company hopes to get a 40 % market share in 6 years' time, although that means it will have to grow significantly.

01 April 2014 |

Proxy Delhaize in Ghent not allowed to open every day

The Proxy Delhaize in Ghent can no longer be open 24/7, until Ghent is designated as a tourist centre. The supermarket had unlawfully been open 7 days per week so far, but has now agreed to abide the law on Sunday openings. According to a survey, 83 out of 100 retailers in Ghent do not want Sunday openings.

01 April 2014 |

REO Veiling launches new quality label

The Belgian vegetable auction house REO Veiling has launched a new quality label, called Fine Fleur, to differentiate endive and glasshouse lettuce. The label is created to "designate healthy, fresh and authentic products" in these two fields, according to the auction house from Roeselare.

01 April 2014 |

Douwe Egberts loses ground in coffee war

Dutch coffee giant Douwe Egberts has lost a lot of ground in its home market, in a coffee war with several competing coffee brands. The company has lost 6 % of its Dutch turnover, with main competitor Nespresso still gaining ground.

01 April 2014 |

Lidl opens Solid Outlet Store in Temse

Lidl has found an interesting concept for its old store in the Belgian town of Temse, which has been vacant for three years: it will become a food and non-food outlet store. The Solid Outlet Store has items at extremely low prices, both food and non-food, and will opened for a long term, not just a pop-up outlet store like there were some before at certain occasions.

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