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20 June 2014 |

Discounter success forces Tesco and Morrisons to act

Not only Belgian retailers (like Delhaize) struggle with the rise of discounters, as British giants Tesco and Morrisons have to react as a result of the price war.

20 June 2014 |

Spar expands web shop abroad

Spar will expand its online grocery service abroad after its pilot program in the Netherlands proved successful. About a third of the 260 Dutch Spar franchisees currently offer the option to order online.

19 June 2014 |

"Lidl group will be Europe's largest retailer by 2018"

Even though the European economic situation seems to improve, discounters will keep growing and according to a recent report, the Schwarz Group (Lidl's parent company) will become the largest group in Western European food retail by 2018.

13 June 2014 |

Danone shuts down 3 fresh milk factories

French food group Danone wants to close down Italian, German and Hungarian dairy factories by mid-2015 as the European demand for fresh dairy has lowered.

06 June 2014 |

Fruiter group opens its own stores

Arnhem and Nijmegen well get their own farmer stores, called Puur Lokaal, which will sell local sustainable fresh foods.

05 June 2014 |

Supermarkets sell 68 % of all sustainable products

2.5 billion euro's worth of sustainable food has been sold in the Netherlands in 2013 with more than half sold through supermarkets.

05 June 2014 |

Vomar Voordeelmarkt's commercial director leaves immediately

Commercial director Jacco van Ham has left Vomar Voordeelmarkt as he feels it is time for a new phase in his career.

05 June 2014 |

Duvel-Moortgat CEO wins Vlerick Award 2014

Michel Moortgat, the CEO of Belgian beer brewer Duvel-Moortgat, has won the Vlerick Award because of his company's sustainable approach to the top of the business.

05 June 2014 |

WC football bright spot in lower supermarket turnover

The world championship football has come at the right time for Dutch supermarkets as they have managed an additional 11 million euro in turnover because of the Dutch football team.

05 June 2014 |

Ahold main office cuts 130 jobs

Ahold has just announced that it will cut 130 jobs at its main office in Zaandam, the result of a planned restructuring of the organization.

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