PayPal introduces One Touch to Europe

Payment service PayPal expanded its One Touch service, which allows users to pay faster online, to twelve European countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands.

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New Exki opens in Central Station in Amsterdam

Belgian healthy fast food chain Exki has opened its second Dutch store in the renovated Central Station of Amsterdam. The formula aims to bring healthy food, mainly based on fresh and biological, seasonal vegetables: one of its ideas is to have a seasonal vegetable become vegetable of the month.

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Le Pain Quotidien trials vegetarian formula

Belgian bread chain Le Pain Quotidien will soon open its very first vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Ghent, Belgium. To avoid any misunderstandings with its regular restaurants, it will use a new brand name, Le Botaniste.

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AB InBev cannot live up to expectations

Belgian beer group AB InBev has under-performed across the board in the second quarter, below what analysts had expected. The biggest brewery group in the world couldn't reach last year's extremely high level, which it owed to the World Cup football.

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Analysis: Delhaize torn between AMS and Coopernic

The decision to merge with Ahold will probably have far-reaching consequences for Delhaize's earlier decision to leave AMS and head to Coopernic: the merger blows the door for a return to AMS wide open, but the imbalance within the purchase alliance will only grow.

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Rabobank: "70 % chance for Ahold - Delhaize merger"

Rabobank's analysts have told investors to buy Delhaize's share: its value could rise 39 % compared to its price prior to the Ahold merger rumours. The bank is extremely confident about what Ahold and Delhaize could realize together and feels there is about 70 % chance the merger will go ahead.

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